Veteran Central Texas officer who died of COVID-19 laid to rest

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 3:26 PM CDT
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ROBINSON, Texas (KWTX) A longtime Central Texas campus police officer who died after contracting COVID-19 was laid to rest Monday.

The funeral for McLennan Community College police Officer Ricky Roberts, 51, was held at Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Robinson followed by burial at Waco Memorial Park.

“Ricky was a community pleaser, he loved talking to people and he served his community well, and (our goal today is) just making sure he’s honored properly,” said MCC police Chief Clayton Williams.

Roberts’ boss and coworkers said they were shocked by his death two weeks ago.

“We’re trying to keep each other motivated and keep going forward because I know that’s what Ricky would want,” said Williams.

He said they thought he was getting better after testing positive for the coronavirus the week before, then things quickly took a turn for the worse.

“Ricky tested positive one day and then a week later he passes away, so it was pretty scary for everybody,” said Williams.

A friend who spoke at the funeral described him as a selfless protector.

“It was more than just a job, it was an extension of who he really was,” said Pastor Richard Hollingsworth. “Their motto is ‘to protect and to serve’, he lived that out every day as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a brother and as a friend.

“He lived life large, and he lived with a passion,” he said.

Roberts joined the MCC police force in 2018, after working as an officer with the Texas State Technical College police department for 15 years.

HIs former co-worker Lt. Roman Proctor says news of Roberts’ death came as a blow.

“He did all he could to stay safe, so it was more of a shock to hear about it, it was more of a shock for our department staff as well,” said Proctor. “He was dedicated to his work, and also the ones he worked with, and his daughter was his pride and joy.”

Roberts leaves behind a wife, Amanda, and daughter, Payton, 13.

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