Be Remarkable: Local baker mixes her passion for baking with her love for the community

Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 6:16 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas -

“It’s called “Cookies for Caregivers” and it’s just everyone getting together as a community and we bake cookies. You can bake them, you can buy them. Whatever your vibe is, and then we just get together and hand them out to the essential workers in the community.”, Maegan Wenberg, Cookies for Caregivers

Maegan has over 100 hundred bakers helping her with “Cookies for Caregivers”, and there’s no doubt this $500 surprise from attorney Danny Daniel and the Be Remarkable Team will put more dough in the oven.

“That’ll make a lot of cookies. That’s so awesome, thank you!”, Maegan Wenberg, Cookies for Caregivers

A coworker at Bluebonnet Health Services nominated Maegan for the Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers Be Remarkable Honor.

“Just to have that touch from someone and say “Hey you’re appreciated and we recognize you. We want you to know we’re thankful for what you do. Which is really cool.”

“What is it that inspires you to have that heart of giving for others?”, Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

“You know there’s just alway someone in need. I just want to be that person.”, Maegan Wenberg, Cookies for Caregivers

There’s no doubt Maegan Wenberg is that person, doing remarkable things in her kitchen and in our community.

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