Local tutors say brushing up on basic reading and math will help students in long run

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 10:09 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - As students come back into the classroom, teachers are prepared to make sure kids are learning, but parents can also help at home.

Carol Paull, an instructor at Kumon in Waco, and Dan Earles, center director for Sylvan Learning, said making sure your child is proficient in basic reading and math skills is important.

Both Paull and Earles said reading and math are the basis for other skills students learn in school, even science and social studies, and they can get left behind easily, especially if they are struggling at a young age.

“I would say that most of our prospective students here are elementary school age range because they’re lacking those basic math and reading abilities that they need to get on to the next level,” Earles said. “So if they were already struggling at school, we’re seeing even more

Since those skills are so critical, both instructors said it’s important for parents to pay attention to how their children are doing in school, and take action early if kids are falling behind.

If parents feel like their children need some extra help, Paull recommends speaking with their teacher to see what advice they have.

“If they’re struggling in math, then speak with a math teacher and see what they would recommend,” Paull said. “If there’s extra work that your child can do, because that daily practice really makes or breaks you know really builds a child’s confidence.”

Some students are also heading back to school in-person for the first time in over a year, and Paull said that transition can be difficult. She suggests checking in with your child emotionally, to  see how they are feeling about the change.

Paull said the transition can take some time, but making sure your child knows what to do in the classroom to help stay focused is important, too.

“Active participation is important when you feel tired, raise your hand, you know it participate in discussions and ask questions, you know, and jot, you know, take notes down,” Paull said. “So, those type of strategies will help your child stay more focused in the classroom.”

Both Paull and Earles said it is necessary for parents to stay involved with their kids’ learning this year, to help make sure they’re getting back on track if they have fallen behind.

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