Football is family: A local team’s starting QB position is family tradition

Published: Aug. 27, 2021 at 11:49 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - As the Salado Eagles gear up for another great season, they have a familiar face - and an even more familiar name - starting under center.

This will be Hutton Haire’s fourth season as the starting quarterback. For two years before him, it was his older brother Hayden taking the snaps.

But long before Hutton or Hayden commanded the offense at Salado, their Dad filled that role.

Alan Haire was the team’s quarterback in the late 80′s. He is now the head coach, directly helping his kids have the same great experiences he had.

Coach Haire tells me, “Your life kind of flashes from Jr High to High School and your athletics as far as what took place in here growing up, and the weightroom - it still smells the same. We still dress in there today. Then walk out to the same stadium where I was able to play.”

When Coach Haire was hired in 2016 Hayden was a Junior and Hutton was in Junior high, but that didn’t stop him from being a part of the team, and his brother’s biggest fan.

Hutton remembers, “I loved being the ball-boy on the sidelines watching him. I loved watching him play. It was just awesome for me to finally get my chance because I had been waiting for a while!”

Hutton had thought a lot about playing for the same school as his dad and older brother, but he didn’t always know he would play the same position too.

Hutton explains, “My favorite position used to be receiver. I just loved catching the ball. My brother was always the quarterback.”

His dad adds, “Purposely I put him at receiver. So he wouldn’t have to go through the same path as his older brother because you don’t want to be measured against him.”

Of course, Hutton is measured against Hayden and his father. The three have played for some of the same coaches and have been taught by some of the same teachers who agree, the Haire’s seem to have the same mindset, but not necessarily the same skillset.

“I see some similarities in both, and then in both, I see their own unique styles of play”, says Alan.

Coach Haire admits Hutton is probably a better athlete than he was, and Hutton claims he can throw it better than his Dad, but he says people have noticed the two share some features.

Hutton smiles and says, “Sometimes people say I look like him a little it. I don’t know about that.”

A lineage of QBs may turn into a lineage of coaches too. Coach Haire’s daughter, Bailey, is a fitness and nutrition instructor in Temple, and his brother Hayden is already on the coaching path. One that could end up back in Salado down the line.

Coach Haire says, “Salado would be fortunate to have somebody who cares about their community and their kids like that and like I do. This is where we are from. This is our hometown. This is the community we serve and the kids we show up for.”

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