Waco: Community ‘jams’ out to help woman walk again

Sunday’s ‘Jamie Jam’ raised money for amputee Jamie Blanek
Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 2:32 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A benefit concert was held Sunday for a former Miss Waco who lost her leg while trying to save two young girls in a crash earlier this year.

‘Jamie Jam’, an all-day Texas country music concert, was held Sunday at the Backyard Bar Stage & Grill in downtown Waco Sunday in honor of Jamie Blanek.

“I felt the prayers when I was in the hospital, and today I feel the love of everyone,” Blanek told KWTX Sunday.

Blanek lost her leg when she stopped to help victims of a car crash West of Hewitt on Feb. 6 and another vehicle rear-ended the victim’s Jeep while she was standing in front of it.

“It’s such a process, I have the new leg that I’m trying out right now, I’ve had a couple of setbacks with my ‘good leg’ that’s fought so hard to be here,” said Blanek. “The whole thing, just trying to fit everything back in together so that I can be up and standing and’s a process for sure, lots of physical therapy.”

Musical acts at the event included Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Sam Riggs and more.

Chad Prather, who is running for Governor of Texas, also performed.

“I’m actually friends with Williams Clark Green, and right after my accident he was like ‘I want to do something for Jamie,’” said Blanek. “So he kind of spearheaded the whole country music artist festival....they said yes!’”

Through the ticket sales, a silent auction, raffles and more, Blanek is hoping to raise money to get her out of a wheelchair and walking again with a prosthetic leg.

“There are tons of cost that come along with almost dying, so I have medical bills, I’m going to have to pay for part of my leg because insurance doesn’t cover it which is crazy,” said Blanek. “So this money is going to go to help me walk, people will be able to look at me walking and say ‘I helped Jamie do that by coming to Jamie Jam and donating.’”

Blanek says the support since her accident has been overwhelming.

“I’m so blessed by the outpouring of love,” said Blanek. “People feel connected to me and felt moved that I was helping those kids and I almost died...I was almost gone.”

She says she has a long road to recovery.

“I can walk, it’s not pretty, it’s not my usual runway model walk, but it’s a walk,” said Blanek. “I have goals of snowboarding and dancing and I want to do tons of things and I can’t do that just yet, so yeah, a long way to go, but I see it, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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