Be Remarkable: Neighborly kindness of woman helps feed and power neighborhood

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 10:06 PM CDT
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This week’s Be Remarkable takes us out to a local dentist’s office where the recipient may have been surprised by the honor, but her friends in the Foxview neighborhood were not.

Cathy Cook makes teeth whiter by the day, but she literally led folks on a neighboring street out of darkness during the winter freeze in Texas six months ago.

“So, every morning I would go to that street, pick up their devices, take them back to my house because I still had power, fully charge them, and then take them back, usually with some food”, Cathy Cook

Cathy also encouraged everyone in the area to donate supplies and food to families on the street who were forced to stay in houses without power. Cathy’s food delivery and generosity did not stop with “snow-vid”.

Cathy started a meal train which still rolls today and Cathy’s motives are pure and also “old school”

“Knowing your neighbors is the best against crime. They keep an eye out for me and I keep an eye out for them.”, Cathy

For securing the neighborhood Cathy got a little financial security thanks to Danny Daniel and the folks at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers.

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