Woodway 4th grader named to ‘Board of Imagination’ for iconic U.S. raisin brand

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 4:58 PM CDT
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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) - Lukas Carl, a fourth grade student at Woodway Elementary in the Midway Independent School District, has been chosen from a nationwide search to sit on inaugural Board of Imagination for Sun-Maid, an iconic raisin brand that’s been around for more than a century.

The 9-year-old Lukas was named from an open call and then voted on by the public, which cast 20,000 votes. “There were 1,300 students and I was picked as one of only six students,” he said.

As a board member, Lukas is joining Sun-Maid executives in board meetings to provide feedback for Sun-Maid’s snacking innovations.

“These six kids represent the purest form of imagination. They have big ideas, a lot of energy and open minds, all extremely important to Sun-Maid as we continue to innovate in the snacking category,” said Harry Overly, President & CEO and newly-named “Chief Imagination Wrangler” of Sun-Maid Growers of California.

Sun-Maid presented a $5,000 check to Woodway Elementary School.
Sun-Maid presented a $5,000 check to Woodway Elementary School.(Courtesy Photo)

The fourth grader is also now serving as a brand ambassador at his school.

“We are just so proud,” said Woodway Elementary Principal Angela Kirkpatrick.

The principal, along with Lukas’ peers, teachers, and his family, were part of a presentation Friday in which Carlos Martinez with Sun-Maid made the trip to Central Texas to honor Lukas at school.

He announced Lukas was not only getting a $5,000 scholarship, but a $5,000 check was being presented to the school.

The student’s favorite perk was the unveiling of a bottomless snack locker that they’ll enjoy for a full year.

Students at the school will get to enjoy a bottom-less snack locker from Sun-Maid.
Students at the school will get to enjoy a bottom-less snack locker from Sun-Maid.(Courtesy Photo)

“Basically, whenever their school wants snacks, they can ask for more snacks,” Martinez said.

Lukas and his principal say they already have big plans for the $5,000 given to the school.

“We might spend it on some school supplies and new equipment for our playground,” Lukas said.

Lukas will coordinate with a small group of students to make the final decision on what to do with the money gifted to the school.

As for the snacks, Woodway Elementary has already received yogurt raisins, blue raspberry raisins and strawberry raisins in glow-in-the-dark packaging for Halloween.

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