Killeen: Free tattoos donated to family grieving loss of murdered daughter

Published: Sep. 18, 2021 at 8:47 PM CDT
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - The family of a young teenager killed in a gang-related shooting in Killeen earlier this month received some much-needed comfort from a family that experienced a similar heartbreak.

Robert Allman and his wife, Aulani Guerra, know the horrors of losing a child to gun violence all to well.

“In 2015, our family lost little Robert,” she said.

“That was pretty-tragic because we lost him at 19 due to gun violence... It’s been an ongoing pain that the family has had to carry on over the years.”

Six years later, tragedy struck again when one of their friends and customers lost her sister, 19-year-old Alondra Santiago, to a gang-related shooting.

In an effort to help the family grieve, they offered to give them tattoos of Alondra’s name for free.

“I was just asking them questions here and there just to ease their mind while they got the tattoo,” Allman said.

“I know from experience that there’s nothing you can really tell them to make them feel better, but I tried to joke around with them and try to get their mind off of everything for a bit.”

Allman adds while it’s a small gesture, any way they can offer comfort and a chance to remember Santiago, just like their son, is well worth it.

“I was honored that they came to me for their tattoo,” he said.

“Something like that from her mother, who’s never gotten a tattoo in her life, it was her first one... being able to do that for them was humbling.”

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