Be Remarkable: Retired military man puts on performances for the ages

This week's Be Remarkable takes us to a Waco Senior Living Center, where a retired military man puts on performances for the ages.
Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 12:56 PM CDT
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Lake Shore Estates - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us to a Waco senior living center where a retired military man puts on performances for the ages.

“We like the music we do and they like the music we do, so it’s really been a wonderful experience,” noted this week’s winner Ron Fritz.

Fritz flew planes in the Navy and now lifts the spirits of seniors all over central Texas by performing live music at retirement homes.

“He fits the description, he’s remarkable,” said his sister Katherine, as Ron welled up next to her.

Katherine nominated him for his service but Ron was quick to show gratitude for the opportunity.

“I have to be honest, I gain as much as I give” he explained, fighting back tears.

Like most folks making great things happen, he doesn’t do it alone and gives his partner Brenda Smith plenty of credit.

“I am at that age where jumping around for an hour isn’t easy, but she reinforces all that,” said Ron.

The two share a strong rapport and a great sense of humor.

“Half our humor is me being hearing impaired, " Ron said laughing.

“So I mess up and I get chewed out (by Brenda) and the more I get chewed out the more these folks at Lake Shore Estates like that.

Lake Shore Estates is just one of the many Senior Living Centers where Ron performs as his good vibes and joy is spread throughout the community.

The laughs continued when Ron was awarded $500 from Danny Daniel and Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers as part of the Be Remarkable Award.

That’s when Ron asked that nobody tell his wife, although she was standing a few feet away.

Playing music for folks who need a spark and putting smiles on the faces of all he encounters; congratulations go to Mr. Fritz.

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