Central Texas football player tackles cancer with a smile and positivity

Published: Sep. 30, 2021 at 9:33 PM CDT
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CRANFILLS GAP, Texas (KWTX) - A Central Texas teenager is back on the football field after a battle with testicular cancer.

Trenton Roberson didn’t just rejoin the Cranfills Gap football team, he came back and scored three touchdowns for the Lions a week after being cleared from chemotherapy treatment.

This performance was just one of many ways Roberson has been an inspiration. Most notably, he has fought a public battle with cancer with jokes and a smile on his face.

He made it look so easy, but behind closed doors, he was fighting for his life.

“There were times where I laid in bed and thought about it. I thought about how much it affected me and how much it affected my family,” Roberson said.

The teen initially noticed a lump on his testicle last December. When it returned a few months later, he and his mother decided to get it checked out, finding out that at just 17 years old, Trenton had cancer.

“We literally got into the car on our way home and my mom started crying. I was like, ‘Look Mom, it’s going to be okay. I will be okay,’” the teenager said.

That car ride home would include another important conversation. How did Trenton want to handle the diagnosis when they got back to their small hometown of Cranfills Gap?

His mom, Angela, remembers telling him, “We can try to keep it private and let people know you have cancer and that you’re sick, but not really tell people what it is. Or, do you want to raise awareness about it?”

In that spirit, Trenton decided to document his journey, creating a fun - but informative - Facebook page called “Lost Marble”.

Even after surgery, Trenton’s Oncologist said the cancer had a 50-percent chance of returning, unless he did chemotherapy.

Trenton describes the horrible experience: “I could like feel the fluids in my body move, through each of my limbs. It was a very yucky feeling through my whole body.”

Trenton was able to mask his pain with laughter and a smile, but even that couldn’t hide the nasty effects of chemo.

His mom tells me, during his chemo treatment, that he came in her room and his hair was all gone. “You could just tell by the look on his face that that was a hard moment for him.”

After six weeks of chemo Trenton was finally cleared. A week later, he returned to the football field and scored three touchdowns, creating a whirlwind of emotions.

“Just so thankful that he could be out there because, for a lot of people, it goes a different direction. So, just seeing him out there and having fun and high-fiving his friends - it was really good,” says his mom.

Trenton adds, “Seeing all of them just so excited for me to be back. Excited for me to be able to play by their sides and be their brother - it just hits you sometimes.”

Despite Trenton’s world being turned upside down, his family knows things could have been a lot worse.

His mom tells me, “We are so thankful that everyone was put in our path that was, from our family doctor to the Urologist to the Oncologist because they helped us make the right decisions for Trenton.”

Through this journey Trenton’s family has grown even closer, much stronger, and, understandably, more emotional.

Through tears his mom tells me, “They’re not all bad tears. Like, today, these are happy tears. Tears of being proud of my son and just glad for how everything has turned out.”

Trenton’s mom says the only reason he got checked out is because she watched a young man share his experience with testicular cancer on TV 20 years ago. Now, Trenton and his family hope his story can raise awareness, and potentially save other lives.

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