Fearless Flores family thrilling crowds at Heart o’ Texas Fair and Rodeo

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 4:57 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - There’s a little something for everyone at the Heart o’ Texas Fair and Rodeo, whether it’s the food, the rides, or even a daring experience.

Volorian and Cyndel Flores are part of the Fearless Flores family, and they put on the Flores Family Thrill Show.

The two siblings are 10th generation circus performers, and they said the family is known for the Globe of Death—a metal cage they race motorcycles in.

The Globe of Death is just part of the show. The two siblings also spin real glass plates and perform with a sway pole.

Typically, Volorian and Cyndel race around the Globe of Death together, sometimes around another person standing in the cage.

The two siblings said it takes a lot of focus and communication, since it can be dangerous.

“It’s an adrenaline rush for sure, it’s definitely something that we’ve grown up with, so we’ve come to enjoy it more than be scared of it,” Volorian said. “But we definitely do have the respect for it, because we know at the end of the day, it’s definitely dangerous.”

Volorian and Cyndel said they love performing at fairs across the country.

“We’re in the entertainment business, we enjoy entertaining people,” Cyndel said. “It’s really neat to see a lot of the younger kids and even the adults that are really excited to see us in there.”

The two siblings are third generation Globe of Death performers, and have been riding since they were young children. They have a 10-year-old sister, and she performs as well, although not at the Heart o’ Texas Fair and Rodeo.

If you’d like to catch a show, you can find dates and times on the fair’s online guide.

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