Vultures sharpening beaks damage roof at Waco childhood center

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 5:47 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -A fundraising campaign called “Raise our Roof” was created for the Talitha Koum Institute in Waco after it was discovered vultures living in the area were damaging the building.

The roof has been compromised and water has been pouring in from the ceilings into classrooms, the laundry room, and the nursery.

They needed help so they reached out to Stinson Bland with Waco First Home Buyers with his fair share of connections in construction.

“Big problem here is when it rains, water is leaking into the crib room, the laundry room, the kitchen,” Bland said.

“She said why don’t you come out here to see if you can help with this.”

Talitha Koum Institute is a mental health therapeutic nurture center with a goal of ending the school-to-prison pipeline by working with trauma-affected children.

Vultures have taken a liking to the building which has led to extensive damage.

“What’s actually happening is the vultures are getting on the roof and sharpening their beaks on the roof, the AC,” Bland said.

Bland began working with area contractors to find a solution.

Johnny Gonzales and his suppliers were touched by the story.

He has personal ties to when the building was the Boys & Girls Club and agreed to do the project at cost.

“This is my neighborhood,” Johnny Gonzales of Johnny Gonzalez Roofing & Remodeling said.

“I grew up about a block from here. We lived here as kids playing basketball and it changed so many lives for us kids then. Walking through today, it’s changing lives today.”

Bland said the cost of the project went from an estimated $50,000 to $28,500.

“I don’t even think having a roof that doesn’t leak is a lot to ask for,” Gonzales said.

“We just need to come together and make it happen. When there are kids involved, we want the future to be good.”

Funds are still being raised, but with Cen-Tex Roofing offering to donate materials and Gonzales working closely with Bland, they say they are going to make these repairs happen.

If you are interested in learning more about the institute or how you can help, click here.

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