Waco boy, 6, overcomes medical condition to become top BMX rider in the region

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 12:20 AM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - At just six years old, Dominick Tremillo already has incredible control over his bicycle.

The new Waco resident overcame adversity and dominated his way to a BMX racing state championship and a Gold Cup Championship, becoming the top rider in a seven-state region in the process.

The road to the top has been filled with adversity as a result of medical conditions, but Dom has survived and thrived racing bicycles.

When Dom was just two years old, a family friend gifted him a starter bike. He was immediately obsessed.

“It became, almost, like a Teddy Bear, but it was a bike. So everywhere we traveled – even if it was out of state – we always had to take his bike, every single place we went to,” said Filipe “Tre” Tremillo, the boy’s father.

As much as Dom loved to be on his bike, he wasn’t always comfortable with the speed and competition.

“He was actually very scared and he didn’t want to race. He went out there eventually and beat all the kids,” Tre said, “He won twice that day and ended up getting his first win in BMX.”

As a former Marine, Tre was determined to help his son conquer his fears, instead of trying to avoid them.

“I definitely want to encourage him to go through that. Be vulnerable and scared but not let that fear control him.”

As the trophies continued to pile up, Dom had his sights set on a State Championship.

Last November, however, Dom was diagnosed with a serious heart murmur, which sidelined him for nearly four months.

Dom’s time was spent in various doctors’ offices, instead of on the race track.

“They were just trying to figure out what is going on with this kid’s heart. He ended up having a lot of imaging done. Severe chest pain. We completely pulled him from racing.”

As Dom went through rigorous testing, he had one thing on his mind: getting back on his bike.

While Dom struggled to be patient, his dad got the answer to a question he has long asked – is Dom seriously passionate about BMX, or is it just something fun and temporary?

“To see him so depressed, down-and-out, and just not having fun – I knew that BMX was the missing void in his life,” Tre said.

After a few months, the treatment for the heart murmur and severe allergies worked, and Dom was able to return to the track, winning the state title this summer, and the Gold Cup earlier this month.

“His heart murmur has dissipated and his allergy appointments have been helping him. That treatment is working so he is able to get back out on the track. As soon as he went back out there on the track he started winning again. He didn’t miss a step.”

Dom has been invited to compete in a National competition in Oklahoma next year.

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