Marlin: Falls County courthouse renovations unveiled

Published: Oct. 16, 2021 at 9:00 PM CDT
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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) - Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott and the Texas Historical Commission unveiled the restored Falls County courthouse in Marlin Saturday.

As the bells rang in downtown Marlin, the community paid tribute to the very courthouse they’ve had for the last eight decades.

“This is where their wedding certificates are issued,” said John Nau, chairman of the Texas Historical Commission.

“Death certificates are here, too. So, this is the center of their world.

Before this, the courthouse was in dire need of renovation. From cleaning the dirty and weathered marble outside, to upgrades needed in lighting and heating, it cost more than $6 million to renovate.

The project, however, took more than 20 years to find funding.

“The biggest things were inside including electricity,” said Falls County Judge J.T. Elliott.

“We had to remove the cloth wire and glass fuses. Even then, we had to put an HVC air conditioning unit inside too.”

Thankfully, the state, county and historical commission were able to find the money through grants and taxes to stay under budget.

Two years after construction started, Texas’ First Lady Cecilia Abbott was proud to commemorate the courthouse.

“We’re not just trying to save an old building,” she said.

“Courthouse preservation projects support more than 600 jobs each year and more than 12,000 jobs total since our program began.”

Most of all, Nau says he and the organizers are happy to keep the place where so many memories were made.

“Today, it has the same light this courthouse had when it opened in 1939-40,” he said.

“Every courthouse is different with a different age and style, but it’s the people and families who’ve passed through here that see this as their government.”

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