‘Fast and easy’: Fort Hood’s Exchange gets a pizza ATM

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 7:12 PM CDT
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FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) – A pizza ATM is now open at Fort Hood’s main Exchange shopping center.

This automated kitchen, which works like a vending machine, aims to give soldiers a new kind of food experience.

Basil Street, the manufacturer of the machine, said flash freezes its pizza. It claimed the process freezes food in temperatures that help maintain nutrients longer than other regularly frozen foods.

“In the United States, and kind of everywhere in the world, people are looking for things to be more convenient, higher quality, fast, easy to get to,” said Deglin Kenealy, CEO of Basil Street. “The idea behind Basil Street is to give people access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to hot, delicious pizza.”

Pizza ATM at Fort Hood
Pizza ATM at Fort Hood(Eric Franklin)

The new meal option inside Fort Hood’s Main Exchange shopping complex gives soldiers in a hurry a new meal choice.

“A lot of the soldiers are looking for something quick and efficient to eat, especially, when they’re working long duty hours,” said Captain Arelis Pandilla, a soldier on post. “So having something that’s available 24-7 is pretty awesome.”

The pizza vending machine was made possible by partnering with automated eats, a Dallas-based, veteran-owned business.

The company currently has four intelligent pizza vending machines across Texas, with one near the University of Texas campus.

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