TEN YEARS AGO: Waco native reflects on winning a World Series

Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 10:40 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - The Atlanta Braves are celebrating a World Series championship after defeating the Houston Astros. There’s a Waco native, Arthur Rhodes, who knows exactly what that is like.

Arthur Rhodes was drafted out of La Vega High School, and in 2011 he won a World Series with the Saint Louis Cardinals. Rhodes was 42-years-old when he became a World Series champion.

“I was the old man on the team,” said Rhodes, but while growing up in Waco that was exactly the plan.

He wanted to play like Nolan Ryan, and be in the MLB for a long time. “I wanted to play until they put me in a wheelchair,” said Rhodes while laughing that he still is walking, but that was almost true.

Some Central Texans won’t need a reminder, but the team he beat in 2011 was the Texas Rangers. Rhodes was actually on their roster that season, was released and then later picked up by the Cardinals.

“I knew all of those guys. I was asking them questions, like how their bodies felt,” explained Rhodes.

That series is noted for its back and forth game six. The Cardinals erased a 2-run deficit in the bottom of the ninth and tenth innings, both innings the Rangers were one strike away from winning it all.

Rhodes knew after they won game six, they’d win the series. When they won, he was looking for a hug.

“I just tried to find the first person I could hug. I was carrying people on my back and that’s the memory I have of the World Series,” said Rhodes.

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