Two new Starbucks locations coming to Central Texas

Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 7:16 PM CST
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WEST, Texas (KWTX) - Starbucks is opening not one, but two new locations in Central Texas.

According to local officials, the coffee giant is opening stores in Mexia and West and construction is underway at both locations.

The store in West is expected to be open sometime in Spring of 2022.

“There is a lot of people excited about the Starbucks that’s coming up on I-35 on the west side of the highway right next to the new McDonalds,” said Mayor Tommy Muska. “Just recently, the last two days, they’ve started putting up sticks, framing walls.”

Although West is small, Muska says West is experiencing strong growth.

“We do have a lot going on here, it’s a little economic boom,” said Muska.

The ‘boom’ appears to be happening on the west side of Interstate 35 where a 7-Eleven and McDonalds recently set up shop.

“You can drive off the Interstate, get your kid a hamburger and get the adults a cappuccino, so I think both of them will complement each other,” said Muska. “That whole area, that intersection west on that corner there is prime for economic expansion and growth right there, and so it’s a wonderful time in the City of West.”

Muska says it’s going to be a great source of revenue for the small town.

“The legislature put in the cap for property tax a couple of years ago which cut off our legs at the knees, so we have to, as a city, rely more on sales tax,” said Muska. “There’s some fancy drinks there that quite cost a bit, so yes, it’s going to be a good revenue maker.”

“We’re looking forward to Starbucks being a part of this town,” he said.

Mexia’s City Manager tells KWTX “it’s fantastic.”

“Mexia is fortunate that we have two business districts--84 and our downtown business district--Starbucks coming here is just another example of the steady growth we’ve seen in both our business districts,” said Eric Garretty. “It’s just an example of the fact of not only to do we have a vibrant community here, but there’s several major highways that come through Mexia and we’re glad for visitors to have a lot of the options when they come to--and through--a town of our size.”

“They have an excellent business model, and we’re really excited about getting a first-class vendor like Starbucks along our Highway 84 business district,” he said.

Garretty is also encouraged by the jobs Starbucks will bring to the area, however, they haven’t had any specific discussions about how many it will be, he said.

“We’ve been working on this project for quite some time, the city has done a lot of work with them to get the utilities to get the project off the ground, we’ve really tried to work with them and customized a couple of things for them and helped them out with the design like street lights around it, making sure entrances are well lit,” said Garretty. “Like with any construction project, it takes time, and we’re certainly looking forward to them opening.”

Store management at the Mexia location says it’s scheduled to open on Dec. 13.

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