Temple: City to consider renaming street after beloved school employee

Temple considers road name change
Temple considers road name change(Megan Vanselow)
Published: Nov. 10, 2021 at 8:23 PM CST
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - An online petition gained more than 1,500 signatures requesting to rename a new street in Temple after Matthew “Mr. Stop” Wilson, now the city manager will consider bringing the name change before city council.

Kristen Gunn thought to name the street Mr. Stop Way after the city installed a new round-about on July 28th, adding a new road from N General Bruce Drive to the schools entrance.

“He was a really big symbol to temple just as big as being a wildcat or just as significant as blue front white back pants for the football team,” Gunn said.

She set up the online petition and in two days more than 1,000 people signed in support.

“I later learned his real name was Matthew Wilson I actually never knew his real name everyone called him Mr. Stop,” Gunn explained.

Once she had enough signatures, Gunn waned to formally request the name change from the city.

Wilson passed away in 2013, so Gunn needed permission from his family for the street name to be considered.

She found his niece Lorraine Beans who was touched by idea.

Gunn then used a letter from Beans along with her own request to the Temple City Manager to request the name of the street be changed.

The city manager has received the request and has the option to take the suggestion to city council for consideration.

When the road was built in July, the city tells KWTX it was intended to be named Jack White Street.

“I remember back when [Mr. Stop] died in 2013, the band did a tribute to him, spelled out Mr. Stop on the field and played amazing grace it was so touching,” Beans said.

She graduated from Temple High in 1970 and had two sons in high school during her uncles tenure.

“One day I got there [to pick my son up] and Matthew put his hand up, I waved and kept going. But when I got home that night he called me and said ‘Lo didn’t you see me put my hand up!?’ And I said ‘yea I waived at you.’ He said ‘You were supposed to stop you’re not allowed on campus without a pass,’” Beans recalled.

She says he loved the job and loved the students more.

“He was very dedicated to that job and those children he loved them so much he would talk about them after work all the time,” Beans said.

Mr. Stop worked at the school up until the age of 93, he worked the front gate, helped with security during football games and dress up as Santa every year during the holidays.

He died at age 94 after a long battle with cancer his niece says many didn’t know he had.

“He would go to his treatments every day after work, and would be back to work the next day he never missed a day of work,” Beans said.

In addition to working at the school, Mr. Stop was also the pastor at Grant Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Troy for 24 years.

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