Elderly residents at senior community say snakes are rampant due to overgrown grass

Volunteer said management stopped him from mowing lawn due to liability issues
Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 3:30 PM CST
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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) - A group of elderly tenants at the Hidden Glen Senior Community is pleading for help, claiming snakes are rampant because property management company hasn’t mowed the grass in months.

The property nestled off I-35 is a low-income housing community for senior citizens. The property has been under the supervision of four managers in the last few years. It is currently managed by Fairway Management Incorporated, based in Columbia, Missouri.

A group of about 15 residents united Friday to voice their frustrations. They say they’ve had various issues over the years, like backed up sewers. Some said the overgrown grass is the last straw.

“There have been incidents of snakes in the apartments themselves,” one resident said. Others said the fear of a snake attack has kept them from even leaving their units.

“I take my dog out but I won’t take him far out. I just take him by my door,” another resident said.

Some residents said they have even resorted to walking around with canes to defend themselves against potential snake encounters.

Brian Pridemore’s mother-in law lives at the senior community. He says he got tired of seeing the overgrown grass, and the danger it poses, so he decided to do something about it.

“We came over to mow [Thursday] because we know their mowing is spotty here. We just wanted to do something good,” Pridemore said.

Before Pridemore could finish mowing, the property’s new manager stopped him, citing liability issues. Pridemore said despite him offering to sign a waiver of all liability, the manager refused. Since then, several Salado Community members have offered to help mow the property but management insists against it.

“There are people wanting to help us and not charge us. But if you’re so worried about the liability issue, why don’t you get somebody out here and get a contract signed?” asked a frustrated resident who was part of the group.

Fairway Management Inc. representatives wouldn’t go on camera but told News 10 the property has not had a manager in months but a new manager is working to secure a lawn-mowing contract.

Village of Salado City Manager Don Ferguson told News 10 the overgrown grass is a violation of the village’s nuisance ordinance.

Ferguson said while the property has not received any citations, the village has received complaints about the grass and is getting in touch with management to have them address the issue.

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