‘This is not the right Amanda Martinez’: Innocent woman facing backlash for soup throwing incident

Both named Amanda Martinez, one says she’s facing backlash for actions of the other.
Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 10:19 PM CST
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AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) - A week after Temple Police named the suspect in a viral soup throwing incident from Sol de Jalisco, a woman with the same name in Austin says she’s still facing backlash from the public, confusing her for the woman seen in the video.

31-year-old Amanda Martinez was arrested on November 17th.

Another Amanda Martinez who works in Austin, however, says she’s been trying to clear her name since shortly after the video surfaced.

A viral video originating on Tik Tok shows an angry woman throw soup, she claimed was so hot it melted the lid into her soup, into the face of a worker behind the counter.

A few days later, a new Tik Tok surfaced, linking the Amanda Martinez who works as a nurse in Austin to the incident.

Martinez says her manager at work showed her the video, but said they knew it wasn’t her, despite the posts claims.

“This is not the right Amanda Martinez,” Martinez explained to KWTX Wednesday night.

Martinez says the video had over six million views before it was taken down, showing her linked in profile and work twitter account.

“[The woman in the video is] encouraging people to call my job and get me fired and people are actually doing that without doing their own fact checking,” she explained.

“I’m wondering ‘are people going to be outside my job?’ it got that bad.”

Martinez says she deactivated her social media accounts to avoid messages from strangers.

“I usually wear a name badge[at work] but for the last two weeks I haven’t worn it because I don’t want to be associated,” Martinez said.

She says her friends, family and patients know she would never throw soup on someone. She went to Temple College but says she’s never lived in Temple and hasn’t been to the area in over two years.

“I feel guilty, even though I did nothing wrong,” Martinez said.

Martinez says after the holiday break she hopes enough time has passed that she can start to get back to normal.

She’s still able to find the video with her name and face on some websites, despite it being taken off of Tik Tok, so she’s filed a non-emergent report with Austin PD in hopes of putting a stop to the video getting shared.

As she moves forward, Martinez hopes others will hear her story and realize not everything they see on social media is true.

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