After a tough two years, local coffee bar eager to bring Christmas spirit

Published: Dec. 13, 2021 at 10:02 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A local small business that’s managed to stay open despite COVID-19, supply chain shortages and staffing challenges, is ready for some holiday cheer.

“We’ve weathered everything and this is just a part of that chapter, a part of that story,” said Hayden Smith, bar manager at Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits in Waco.

Sadly, it’s a story only some small businesses can relate to right now: survival.

”The last two years or so has certainly been a lesson for all of us I think in that we don’t know what the future holds, and so instead of worrying about that, just kind worrying about the day or the week at-hand,” said Smith.

Dichotomy is hoping to fill the next few weeks of worry...with Christmas cheer.

”For about five weeks, Dichotomy bar kind of turns into a Christmas wonderland,” said Smith.

It’s called ‘Miracle’...a temporary pop-up event that bars around the world are taking part in.

“Everybody wants more Christmas, and it’s so hyper-concentrated here, thematic drinks and glassware,” said Smith. “It’s really fun to bring this to our local community.”

Miracle is based out of New York City.

It’s the third year Dichotomy has participated in the event.

With the pandemic, supply chain and staffing shortages, Smith says, in some ways, it’s a miracle they’re able to bring ‘Miracle’ to Waco.

Currently, they only have seven employees.

”We have had some staff turnover since COVID started, I think we may be the smallest staff that’s doing Miracle, maybe in the world,” said Smith. “We’re certainly not immune to shortages, we haven’t had to take anything off the menu, but we have run into instances where certain bottles aren’t available, certain liquors or spirits.”

However, there’s only one spirit that really matters--the Christmas spirit--something Smith says they need more of than ever before to persevere in the New Year.

“I think that a really strong point of Waco is the small business scene here,” said Smith. “I think that in the same way that together we succeed, if we can be open together about the ways that we’re not, we’ll find a way to pull through together.”

‘Miracle’ at Dichotomy runs through Dec. 31.

Walk-ins are welcome, however, reservations are recommended, especially on the weekends.

Dichotomy, 508 Austin Ave., is open 5 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

“I want people to come to Miracle,” said Smith. “It’s really cool to share our space, share our passion with people, and I want people to come in so we can share that opportunity.”

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