Killeen: Local community hopes to stop thief from stealing in their neighborhoods

A family lost valuable items and their car the day before Thanksgiving to a thief that has not yet been caught.
Published: Dec. 17, 2021 at 8:46 PM CST
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - A Central Texas family lost valuable items and their car the day before Thanksgiving to a thief that has not yet been caught. Now, they and the community are hoping authorities can stop this person of interest.

Tiffany Hall says her husband and children are still traumatized.

“Everybody’s sort of been on their toes since Thanksgiving,” she said.

Hall says her family accidentally left the back door open as the man entered the home, with everyone sound asleep in their beds.

The next morning, they were completely shocked and immediately called police.

“We pulled up all of our cameras and the neighbors pulled up their cameras,” she said.

“He walked through our house, took the keys off the rack, swiped everything he could off the countertop which included some money and the laptop, and left in our car with other belongings from our garage.”

However, Hall claims her house isn’t the only one this grinch targeted. Other neighbors have submitted photos to the Killeen police department. Hall and the neighbors claim the person in those photos is their guy.

“He looked pretty similar to the gentleman that came to our house,” she said.

“We started comparing the tennis shoes and it looks like the shoes are a dead give-away. There were three different videos of him trying to break into people’s cars and their front doors.”

Killeen police have not officially made the connection in their investigation.

While Hall and the neihgbors are hopeful they can stop the thief, she says she and her family feel lucky to be alive.

“We certainly watch our doors and make sure they’re locked,” she said.

“We watch our windows, make sure everything is locked. We’ve certainly been parking our cars in the garage, the one’s that’s left.”

Anyone with more information on the suspect can contact the Killeen police department or the Bell County Crime Stoppers.

Authorities would also like to remind the public to lock your cars and house at night, while also making sure all valuables are out of the vehicle and in a secure location.

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