Waco woman’s transformation came the old fashioned way: exercise, nutrition and discipline

Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 4:31 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A local woman who lost 140 pounds through good old-fashioned hard work and sensible nutrition is hoping her story inspires others to make positive changes in the new year.

Dr. Ali Covert, 31, of Waco, has gone down from 340 pounds to 200 pounds and dropped 10 pant sizes since starting her journey to good health in November 2019.

Covert said she accomplished what once seemed like an impossible feat with the support of family and friends, but also is proud of the work she put it in to make it happen.

“I’m really proud of myself for the commitment, and the consistency, and the hard work that I’ve shown myself for the last couple of years,” Covert said.

Weight has always been a struggle for the Waco chiropractor who grew up on a farm in Nebraska before moving to Central Texas to attend Baylor University.

She said she hit rock bottom at age 29 and that’s when she decided to make a change for the better.

“I felt like I was really unhappy with myself,” Covert said. “I found myself sleeping a lot and struggling with depression and it was affecting my relationships and my efficiency at my job.”

Dr. Ali Covert
Dr. Ali Covert(Courtesy Photos)

Covert first started with yoga because she thought it would be easier on her joints.

She then got the idea to take exercise to the next level from her patient and friend, Kim Harris, who works out at a local CrossFit gym.

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise and Covert admits it seemed very intimidating at first.

“Having a friend to start helped me get over some insecurities. Sometimes, it’s scary to start something like CrossFit or lifting weights if you have no experience and you’re the biggest one starting,” Covert said.

Covert also starting mixing in more weightlifting and it’s something she’s proved to be very skilled at doing.

She placed first at her first powerlifting meet called the Winter War of Waco in November where she was also awarded best power lifter amongst her peers.

She also earned fourth place in the world at a Rogue Deadlift Challenge in September.

“That was a 225-pound deadlift repped in time for two minutes. I believe I got 44,” she said.

Six months ago, Covert added a nutrition coach to the mix.

“I eat really healthy and I’m not afraid of carbs and I eat a lot of fruit,” she said. “Since I’ve been working with her, it kickstarted a reshaping of my body and I lost 40 more pounds. Eating was really impactful.”

Dr. Ali Covert, 31, of Waco, has gone down from 340 pounds to 200 pounds and dropped 10 pant...
Dr. Ali Covert, 31, of Waco, has gone down from 340 pounds to 200 pounds and dropped 10 pant sizes since starting her journey to good health in November 2019.(Courtesy Photo)

Covert says her life has changed in more meaningful ways than just the number on the scale.

She says she spent a lifetime trying to find clothes to cover her body and now enjoys shopping for clothes that truly express her personality.

“I don’t have any depression symptoms anymore,” she added. “I wake up and I’m excited to start my day. I love to go to the gym. I love to spend time with my friends and family.”

Covert is getting married in Aquilla in February to the love her life, Chris, and says her healthy body and mindset has positively impacted their relationship.

“Chris likes to go rock climbing and cycle, so now, when we go on vacations and go hiking or go snowboarding during our honeymoon - those things wouldn’t have been an option when I wasn’t healthy,” she said.

Ali’s hoping her story will inspire others to start small and dream big in 2022.

“I mean I’m getting married in February and I’m excited about it,” Covert said. “I’m not scared about it. I feel excited to just keep going and start the next chapter.”

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