Coach McCoy brings core values from youth basketball camp with him to Reicher

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 1:29 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Last Spring we told you about a local basketball camp called “Destined for Greatness”, run by a man named Darryl McCoy.

Now, McCoy is bringing his same core values and principles he teaches in the camp with him to Bishop Reicher.

Coach McCoy spent the last two seasons at Rapoport, but before that he was the coach of the Cougars, so when Reicher asked him to come back his former players couldn’t wait to be reunited.

Senior Kane Kolar remembers, “I was really excited because he was the main reason I got into basketball when I was starting my high school career.”

McCoy tells me, “When I first got the call, I was hesitant about it... but I knew I had things going on with Destined for Greatness, so, it allowed me to free up time and come back to a community that is really supportive with Destined for Greatness.”

The pillars of McCoy’s basketball camp are accountability, work ethic, confidence, teamwork, and discipline. Reicher allows him to bring those same values to the varsity level.

McCoy explains, “At Destined for Greatness I have coaches to teach kids skillsets and life skills. I have the same thing at Reicher. My assistant coaches do a great job of preparing kids for life and not just basketball.”

McCoy’s players tell me that the final pillar - discipline - is the biggest one. It sticks with them even when they leave the gym.

Senior RJ Miller explains, “He has definitely made me more disciplined – as a student and as an athlete.”

McCoy adds, “Education is key here. I tell everybody, ‘if you can learn in the classroom it is easy to teach you the game of basketball.’ When I came back, Reicher never said ‘oh, you can’t coach this style or that style’, they allow me to be me.”

The players have come to love McCoy and have bought into the way coaches. Now, they just need to learn his system.

“Most of them knew me from my youth programs and the middle school, St. Louis, but we are yet to implement the offense and defense in my style of play,” says McCoy.

Thanks in part to a long football season, the Cougars are off to a slow start under McCoy, but they are looking forward, not back.

McCoy says the recipe to success is: “Continue to work. Every day. Repetition, repetition, repetition. That is going to be our key to getting through District and making a State run.”

McCoy also tells me he has hired an Executive Director to help run his youth camp, Destined for Greatness, while he is chasing a state title.

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