Expecting couple in Waco get a surprise gender reveal from Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 5:20 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A Central Texas mom, nearly 24-weeks pregnant who is living in Baylor Scott and White Medical Center Hillcrest in Waco until her baby is born because her water broke early, got a huge surprise this week after her nurses hatched a plan to throw her and her husband a surprise gender reveal party.

Hannah Arn and her husband Kyle, both 23, are expecting their first baby on May 5. All was going according to plan when Hannah’s water unexpectedly broke 14 weeks into the pregnancy.

She was checking in regularly with her doctor in College Station until moving to Waco in December. On January 1, Hannah ended up at Baylor Scott and White’s emergency room bleeding and that’s when doctors decided to admit her to stay until the baby is born.

Hannah Arn and her husband Kyle are expecting a baby on May 5.
Hannah Arn and her husband Kyle are expecting a baby on May 5.(Courtesy Photo)

“They advised that I stay here because things can be fine and turn worse really quickly,” Hannah said to KWTX on a telephone call from her hospital room.

Nearly two weeks into her stay, Hannah is passing the time reading, coloring, and spending time with Kyle every evening when he gets to the hospital after work.

She says it’s almost too much to fathom that she could be here several more months.

“It all happened fast and I’m still processing that I’m going to still be here,” Hannah said.

But what’s helped is knowing the hospital is the safest place for her baby to grow.

“As much as I want to go home, I don’t want to go home now because she’s too small,” the first-time mom-to-be said.

Hannah says the staff at the hospital is going out of their way to keep her encouraged.

This week nurses found out while talking to Hannah she didn’t know the sex of her baby.

They hatched a plan to not only find out but throw a surprise gender reveal party.

“I didn’t know they were going to do it until my nurse came one morning and asked me what the gender of the baby was, and I told her I didn’t know,” Hannah said. “She set up ultrasounds that day. She said ‘we’re going to figure out what it is and have a party tonight!”

And they did.

Kyle had just gotten to the hospital from work when he was let in on the secret.

“I came into the hospital and the nurses were like ‘are you ready to find out?” Kyle said.

The couple said they expected the staff to simply hand them an envelope with the gender written inside.

Instead, the room was decorated with pink and blue banners and balloons.

More than a dozen staff members were also on hand.

Hannah and Kyle were given poppers as the room counted down.

“3, 2, 1!” they yelled in unison.

The Arn’s poppers then blew out pink confetti signifying a baby girl for the ecstatic couple.

The nurses, who also had poppers to celebrate, began to pass out cupcakes with pink icing inside.

“We both thought it was going to be a boy and it happened to be a girl and that was like a big surprise,” Kyle said.

“It was really sweet,” Hannah added. “We just weren’t expecting it be anything like that.”

The nurses shot video of the party which the Arns were able to share with their families, unable to be there because of COVID protocols.

The Arns have decided to name their baby girl Ellie Grace.

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