Troubles mount for working families as kids come down with COVID

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 7:03 PM CST
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - Many people would be hard-pressed to find someone not affected by COVID or any other illness. And the toll is great especially for parents trying to take care of sick children.

For people like Leah Armstead and her family, these are hard times.

“It’s scary, that’s what it is, it’s scary,” said Armstead. “You’re living in fear, you’re living in fear inside of your house.”

Two of her sons attend Roy J. Smith Middle School in Killeen, but are now sick with COVID.

Her biggest worry is for her oldest son, who has lung issues on top of asthma.

“The way he’s wheezing, we don’t really want to wait,” said Armstead. “So now, I’m on the waiting list for a virtual appointment.”

Because of the circumstances, both are alone in their rooms, away from the rest of the household. Their mother is able to pop in occasionally.

“It’s the constant, wipe-down, Lysol, masking up to go wipe off their computers daily,” Armstread said.

Fortunately, she works from home and as of now has not had to take any time off.

“But, if an emergency arises, I have to still miss work,” Armstead said. “Even though I’m home, I still have to miss work.”

Now, it is a waiting game, hoping both boys can get better and that she stays healthy enough to care for them.

“I don’t want to get sick, if I get sick, then I can’t take care of them,” Armstead said. “And they need me right now.”

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