Specialty dive team returns to Central Texas to help solve 2000 cold case

A vehicle was pulled from the Brazos River in Waco Saturday in hopes it would lead to answers...
A vehicle was pulled from the Brazos River in Waco Saturday in hopes it would lead to answers in the missing persons case of William Nolan Bass.(Photo Courtesy of Roger Bernal)
Published: Jan. 23, 2022 at 10:53 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A specialty dive team, which helps solve cold cases across America, returned to Waco Saturday to pull another vehicle from the Brazos River.

The Group Adventures With Purpose was back in the river working to help solve the case of William Nolan Bass.

Bass was last seen in Bellmead in 2000--he was on his way to get his car inspected but never made it there.

Unfortunately, the vehicle they pulled from the river Saturday ended up being involved in a carjacking in 2013 and was not connected to the Bass case.

“Our search in Mart led us back into Waco and we ended up discovering another vehicle underwater and it was involved in a 2013 carjacking,” Doug Bishop, a diver with Adventures With Purpose, told KWTX Sunday. “Forensics went through the vehicle and cleared it.”

Bishop said it was the Waco PD Forensics team that did the forensic search.

Adventures With Purpose does not charge law enforcement or families for their services which include using cutting-edge sonar, which they say gives them an edge on finding submerged vehicles.

On Wednesday, AWP helped solve the missing person’s case of Stephanie Torres who went missing from Waco in December of 2017.

They found Torres’ car, along with two other vehicles, submerged in the Brazos River.

Police say a body was found inside: the body was sent off for an autopsy to confirm if it belongs to Torres.

AWP also recently helped the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office pull vehicles from Lake Whitney in connection with a cold case there.

No word yet on if any of the vehicles pulled were connected to the disappearance of John Creech.

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