Toddler spends nearly $2,000 on mom’s online Walmart account

Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 6:01 PM CST
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MONMOUTH JUNCTION, N. J. (News 12 New Jersey/Gray News) – Letting a toddler play with your phone seems innocent enough, but a New Jersey family learned the hard way that even a 2-year-old is capable of racking up a huge online shopping bill.

Ayaansh Kumar isn’t even two years old yet, but like most kids today, he loves his devices. His father said it recently got him into some expensive trouble.

“He just went to the cart and whatever was there, boom,” Pramod Kumar said. “He just pick and just see all the payment was went through.”

The Kumar family just moved into their new home. Ayaansh’s mother, Madhu Kumar, who admits to being a frequent shopper, said all her payment info is pre-loaded onto her phone.

She was in the process of picking and choosing which pieces of furniture she was ultimately going to buy from Walmart, never intending to keep all the pieces she added to the online shopping cart. Little Ayaansh, however, had other plans.

These plans ended up costing his parents over $1,700. They unfortunately caught it too late.

“You saw this guy, phone in the hand with ‘oh no,’ we called him, ‘can you please cancel?’” Pramod Kumar said. “They said, ‘no, it’s already delivered.’”

“And first person came with the box and he it put next to the door,” Madhu Kumar said. “The second person came, then first step, the second step. the third, ‘oh my god, what is this?’ it wasn’t cute.”

Ayaansh is what popular culture has dubbed a COVID baby, meaning he was born during the pandemic.

He has two older siblings who he’s watched do virtual school, and their screen habits seem to be rubbing off on him.

“He likes phone because everybody is in virtual,” Madhu Kumar said. “They are busy with their phone, his siblings, always with the phone and, I don’t know, I think he needs phone work for that.”

The Kumar family said they’re still receiving Ayaansh’s packages. They said most of the things he ordered were accent chairs.

The Kumars said that they are taking a different approach moving forward: they’re removing their card info from their phones and adding passcodes.

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