Production underway for local breweries producing, selling Ukrainian beer

Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 7:35 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Bold Republic Brewing and Southern Roots Brewing Company have partnered in a fundraising effort to brew a Ukrainian beer recipe, and donate the proceeds to people of Ukraine.

Production started Wednesday and will be available to the public in three to four weeks.

The recipe comes from Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv who shared its recipes with the world, in hopes of other breweries carrying on their recipes and flavors while they switch focus to making Molotov cocktails to fight back against Russian invasion.

When they have power, brewers there are hosting virtual meetings with breweries around the world to teach them how to make their recipes.

“I think one of the hardest things has been trying to convert [their recipe into] our pounds and ounces but really being able to share in this community with a brewery we’ve never met on the other side of the world but that is really struggling right now has really been a joy for us to be part of,” Scott Thompson, a part owner of Southern Roots Brewing Company said.

Production underway in Central Texas for Ukrainian beer
Production underway in Central Texas for Ukrainian beer(Megan Vanselow)
Production underway in Central Texas for Ukrainian beer
Production underway in Central Texas for Ukrainian beer(Bold Republic Brewing)
Production underway in Central Texas for Ukrainian beer
Production underway in Central Texas for Ukrainian beer(Bold Republic Brewing, Megan Vanselow)

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A pair of Central Texas breweries will soon be brewing a Ukrainian beer after a brewery there stopped production and called on brewers worldwide to carry on their recipes as Russian invasion continues.

Bold Republic in Belton and Southern Roots in Waco are teaming up to brew a Golden Ale recipe from Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv and donating the proceeds to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine.

“We are focusing on getting food and medicine to the people there,” Adriane Hodges, owner of Bold Republic said Wednesday.

Pravda is a well known brewery in Ukraine now known for stopping all production to make Molotov cocktails in the fight against Russia.

“They’re using their bottles now to make Molotov cocktails so that the people can fight back with anything they have,” Hodges explained.

“We don’t know what will happen tomorrow we don’t know the outcome its important that their legacy live on and this is a way we can preserve that,” Dustin Evans an owner of Southern Roots Brewery in Waco explained.

The brewery released several recipes on social media asking brewers worldwide to come together in support of their country during a time of need.

“They’ve shared and opened up their recipe’s which is an unprecedented thing to do this is typically knowledge people hold near and dear, but it’s their way of giving something in the hope that people can aid them in return,” Hodges said, “Its just one of those things where you just can’t turn away.”

Hodges and Evans say the decision to jump on this opportunity to help was a no-brainer. “So many things in this world are gray but this issue is clearly black and white good versus bad,” Hodges said.

For her, the victims of Ukraine hit close to home.

“My father was killed in the Gulf War when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, a completely unjustified invasion with no aggression from the people of Kuwait and so I know first hand what its like to lose somebody because of someone with too much power and ambition and decides to do whatever they want,” Hodges explained.

Bold Republic is also changing the name of its Russian Imperial Stout that it already brews from “Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin” to “Puck Futin”. Its also changing its description from “Russian Imperial Stout” to “Ukrainian Imperial Stout”.

The Pravda Golden Ale the two breweries will make together takes several weeks to brew. They plan to release it next month.

Before its ready, the two breweries are making immediate donations in hopes of helping as soon as possible.

“We can put food in someone’s hand that’s a child’s life that’s a families life and every little thing we can contribute does make the world a better place,” Evans added.

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