Be Remarkable: Woman’s “House of Hope” opens closet for those in need

No explanation needed, woman opens closet and helps those less fortunate.
Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 5:31 PM CDT
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TEMPLE, TX - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us out to Temple, where inside a woman’s “House of Hope” she’s opening her closet for those in need.

“It’s just something that was on my heart to help people”, Lisa Baggerly, Be Remarkable Winner

Ever since she was a little girl this week’s winner, Lisa Baggerly wanted to give clothes away to people who needed them.

The idea was to provide them with wardrobe items without making them provide a story or reason why they were in need.

“So I never ask for paperwork or anything. I just want them to come in and get what they need. Try to help them the best way I can.”, Lisa Baggerly.

“So they can just come in, anybody? This is a beautiful place.”, Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

It really is beautiful. Located right next to the “House of Hope Outreach” off Highway 190 the “Closet of Hope” shines a light on folks who may feel as though they’ve been walking under a dark cloud.

The mission is to reach far and wide, but the nomination was close to home.

“My mom’s just the most selfless person. She puts everyone before herself.”, Jill Warne, Nominator and Daughter.

Jill’s mom also has standards and wants to share them with anyone who visits her store.

“So we won’t put out anything that we wouldn’t wear ourself.”, Lisa Baggerly

For her empathy, understanding, and outreach, Danny Daniel with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers thought $500 would look good on Lisa Baggerly and the “Closet of Hope”, of course, she thought it would look good on others.

“Actually, it’s undergarments we’re in need of so this will help tremendously.”, Lisa Baggerly.

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