U.S. Army rolls out updated fitness test

Starting April 1st, the Army will be implementing a readjusted standardized for the Army Combat Fitness Test for soldiers.
Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 8:14 PM CDT
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FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) - For the first time since 1980, the U.S Army’s physical fitness test will be getting a huge update.

The Army Combat Fitness Test will replace the Army’s old Physical Fitness Test, which was focused on how many sit-ups, push-ups, and how fast a soldier could run two miles.

Starting April 1st, the Army will be implementing a readjusted standardized for the ACFT for all soldiers.

the change is based on the Army’s independent analysis and the RAND study was that a gender-neutral test might not accurately measure all Soldiers’ general physical fitness levels.

Key changes for the ACFT will serve as a general physical fitness test with age and gender performance-normed scoring scales.

The six-event ACFT is a great way for soldiers to assess their physical fitness level and ensure that the Army has enough fit people.

U.S. Army Army Combat Fitness Test Grading Scale
U.S. Army Army Combat Fitness Test Grading Scale(U.S. Army photo)

“It’s more to the Army than just pushups, sit ups, and a two-mile run,” said CPT Linda Aughburns.

Troops with the 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade have started conducting biweekly diagnostic tests.

The Army Combat Fitness Test has become a great way for the Army to shift its culture and make sure soldiers are physically fit.

“It’s going to help me tailor my training programs for my unit to prepare them for their mission, which is to fight and win our nation’s wars,” said CPT Christopher Buys.

Aughburns says being able to lead from the front means she must be physically fit.

“Me being a leader and me being the example, I have to set that standard. So, in order to do that, I have to be fit. In order to do that. I have to pass,” says Aughburns.

Starting in October active-duty soldiers will start conducting the test record.

The U.S Army has committed to continue working with Rand for a more thorough assessment of how well the ACFT system is performing.

The Secretary of the Arm comprehensive ACFT analysis report in April 2023.

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