Experts looking into whether huge hailstone found in Central Texas set a new record

Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 11:38 PM CDT
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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) - A viral photo of a 5.5 inch hailstone found in Salado has the attention of the National Weather Service.

Gina Brown posted the picture from her yard after severe weather moved through her neighborhood Tuesday night.

She says her husband called her as he drove home from Austin and her son contacted her from Fort Worth to check on her.

Brown says she took shelter in the closet as a powerful EF3 tornado moved through the area.

“It was the loudest pounding I’ve ever heard on the roof for about five minutes,” Brown said.

When Brown emerged from the closet, she walked outside and found a massive hailstone.

The National Weather Service wants to find out if the massive hailstone found in Central Texas...
The National Weather Service wants to find out if the massive hailstone found in Central Texas set a new record.(Gina Brown)

No one in her family was injured and she says she filed an insurance claim.

Brown’s picture received tens thousands of reactions on social media after it was shared by multiple news outlets, including KWTX.

The National Weather Service took notice.

Now, two people from the Institute for Business and Home Safety are expected to fly to Texas to scan the hailstone.

Brown is keeping it safe in her freezer until then.

“How often does something like this happen?” Brown asked. “I knew it was the biggest thing I had ever seen. I guess I just didn’t realize it was the biggest thing a lot of people had ever seen.”

The Killeen ISD high school principal says she is thankful work ended early Tuesday night. Otherwise, she would not have been in that closet.

“Thank goodness that’s where I was because, otherwise, I would have been pulling into my driveway and, even in the car, I think, that would have been a pretty scary situation,” Brown said.

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