Belton ISD releases safety plan for when classes resume at Belton High on Monday

Published: May. 5, 2022 at 5:50 PM CDT
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - The Belton Independent School District on Friday sent district families its safety plan for when classes resume at Belton High School on Monday, May 9, nearly a week after the deadly on-campus stabbing of Jose Luis Ramirez Jr.

“Safety is always a priority for our campus, and we know enhancing adult presence will help bring comfort to our students, staff, and parents,” a school district spokesperson said.

The district said additional safety measures will be in place beginning Monday through the remainder of the school year:

· Increased number of law enforcement officers on campus (both inside and outside)

· Additional staff assigned to common areas for supervision during passing periods as well as before and after school

· Staff assigned to monitoring restrooms

· Revised pass systems for classrooms

· All students will report to 1st period when they arrive to campus (Grab and Go breakfast will be available)

· The Fort Hood Adopt-A-Unit will be on hand for support

“The emotional well-being of our kids is heavy on our minds. Our counseling team is available for all students and staff who need support,” the school district said.

“We have a system in place for teachers to send students to the counselors as needed. Please feel free to contact your child’s counselor if you need additional assistance. On Monday, we will also have therapy dogs on campus for our kids.”

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Investigators continue to look into what caused an 18-year-old Belton High School student to fatally stab his classmate, Joe Ramirez.

Cayson Allison, 18, remains in police custody on a $1 million bond, charged with murder.

Belton High has remained closed since Tuesday’s stabbing through Monday. But now administrators are looking to what things will look like once everyone returns.

“We want everyone to feel safe when we’re ready to open our doors again,” said Jennifer Bailey, executive director of communications and community engagement.

Staff took Thursday to review some of the new safety measures that are expected to be put into place. That information is still being finalized and has not been released publicly.

Once doors are opened, Bailey said the district hopes to avoid any repeats of Tuesday’s deadly stabbing.

“We’re seeing where we can certainly make enhancements,” said Bailey.

Part of what is being looked into includes more security cameras in the high school, more adults in the hallways, modifying passing periods and possibly controlling where students can gather.

Because Belton police are still investigating, Bailey said she could not comment on if there was any indication there could have been a stabbing.

But now, more than every, officials are encouraging students and parents to utilize Belton’s Anonymous Alert App, accessible on its website.

The idea behind the app is to report anything related to suspicious activity, bullying and other issues.

“Because we know that our students are the eyes and ears on our campus and they can help us,” said Bailey.

But, as grieving continues district-wide, there is a lot of thanks to go around for those who have stepped in to help so far.

“In a really dark time, that has been a bright spot, is how supportive the community has been,” said Bailey.

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