Welding competition at TSTC gets high school students fired up

Published: May. 5, 2022 at 5:28 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -More than 200 high school students from across the state piled into Texas State Technical College in Waco for the Texas High School Welding Series.

“I want to get the experience,” Hayden Davis, a senior at Hillsboro High School, said. “I already think I’m a decent welder, but I wanted to come to see TSTC because I actually applied here for pilot training. If I don’t go to school for pilot training, I’m coming here for welding.”

Students were tested in real-world simulations, given a written exam, and critiqued by industry experts.

“It’s absolutely critical whether you are a high school student, somebody looking to be retrained, older students who come back to us, finding out what their passion is and what they want to do in their career, and then we help them to get the skills and connect them with the employers,” Trey Pearson, Regional Director of Student Recruiting at TSTC, said.

Students can also receive certifications that pave the way for a future in the welding industry.

Plus, thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to students who walk away with top ranks from the competition.

“It would have me set,” Davis said. “I know at TSTC, once you finish their programs, they help you get a job.”

The hope is to sharpen their skills and give them everything they would need to pursue a career in welding while filling the need for skilled welders right here in Texas.

“We would love to enroll every single student who is here into our welding program which we offer at all 10 of our campuses across the state,” Pearson said. “Welding is so vital to the Texas economy, construction, manufacturing. Welding touches almost every part of your life.”

The Texas High School Welding Series says they are helping guide today’s youth for tomorrow’s welding industry.

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