Hype video for Midway ISD school students taking STAAR test a big hit

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 6:54 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Teachers and staff at a local elementary school created a hype video to get students ready to take the STAAR exam this week and the result was a huge hit.

The video, which was football themed and shot and edited by Midway senior Charlee Yourman, was produced at Spring Valley Elementary in the Midway ISD and included both employees and students.

“Our hype video was just a fun, lighthearted way to show our support for our students taking the STAAR test this week,” said principal Kappy Edwards. “The kids really enjoyed making it and watching it yesterday before taking the STAAR test today.”

The video starts with a slate that says, “Spring Valley is STAAR ready.”

It then shows staff, including Edwards, swaying to upbeat music in football jerseys.

Other staff members are shown huddling around dry erase boards covered in math problems instead of plays.

While many teachers starred in big roles, students also played parts, at one time running down the halls through a tunnel made by staff members.

Mark Villareal, a football coach at the high school made a cameo appearance and so did Midway Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas.

“So, Mrs. Edwards, how do you think your team did this year?” Kazanas asked.

“I’m very pleased with this performance,” Edwards answered. “This team is the best we’ve had in years. They really worked hard. They did their very best. These coaches got them ready, and we are very pleased with how they did.”

The video ends with teachers and staff encouraging the kids as elementary and middle school students across the state of Texas began testing Tuesday.

“Good luck STAAR testers,” one group yelled.

“Rock the STAAR test,” another team added.

“We’re so proud of you,” the last group ended by saying.

The hype video ends with a scoreboard which reads Spring Valley Elementary 100, STAAR 0.

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