Restaurant Report Card for Central Texas: Week of June 16, 2022

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 1:12 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Here is this week’s Restaurant Report Card for Central Texas:

El Arriero Taqueria at 3616 North 19th Street in Waco got a 75 on a recent inspection.

According to the food safety worker, the lingua and tripe (which are tongue and the stomach) were not kept cold enough.

The Windex was stored with the cantaloupe on the shelf.

There was pink insulation coming out of the air ducts.

The carnitas were thawing improperly and there was grease on the floor, the vent hood, and on the kitchen equipment.

This place passed a re-inspection.


Pat’s Dine In at 1305 Dallas Street in Waco got a 78 on a recent inspection.

According to the food safety worker, some raw eggs were stored above the raw fish.

The raw fish was above the ground beef.

The Mac and Cheese had a date of May first.

That’s more than a month old.

It’s supposed to be thrown out after seven days.

And the Mac and Cheese was stored on partially opened food.

Lettuce was open to possible contamination.

The cook was not wearing hair net.

Cough syrup was stored with the food, plus there were several other violations.

Luckily, this restaurant passed a re-inspection.


Milano’s Pizza at 305 South Main Street in Mcgregor got an 81 on a recent inspection.

According to the food safety worker, the pizza at the buffet warmer was not held at the right temperature and had to be thrown out.

There was a missing thermometer in the prep cooler, and a food handler was eating pizza in food prep area with open drink.

The chlorine sanitizer was not strong enough.


This week’s Clean Plate award winner is Bobby Lupo’s Pizzeria at 420 East FM 2410 in Harker Heights.

Of course, this place specializes in the savory pies, but there are other items on the menu to take a bite out of.

There are zucchini sticks, sub sandwiches, flatbread, and calzones.

And there’s also something for the kiddos.

You know my motto, “Don’t forget dessert!”

The information used to produce the weekly KWTX “Restaurant Report Card” segments is gathered directly from the public records of regular inspections conducted by county health department officials in Central Texas. KWTX does not determine what locations are inspected and does not assign the overall scores which are reflected in percentages. Any questions regarding the status of an inspection, reinspection, or the score reported should be directed to the individual county health departments in which those businesses are located.

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