“I want to believe that she’s safe but I don’t know that she is,” family of missing teen details disappearance

Missing McGregor girls
Missing McGregor girls(Megan Vanselow)
Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 11:51 PM CDT
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MCGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) - Almost a week after Aysha Cross and Emilee Solomon were last seen at a park in McGregor, a post to social media by Cross led police to issue an Amber Alert Monday morning.

“You get so many amber alerts on your phone and you think oh that’s terrible but you don’t ever think that that’s going to be you or your family,” Cross’ sister-in-law Emily Raibourn Harrison explained.

The alert was issued after Cross posted “help” to her social media page early Monday morning.

“Seeing that post was the worst feeling I’ve ever had,” Harrison said.

I want to believe that she’s safe but I don’t know that she is.

Emily Raibourn Harrison

Harrison says Emilee Solomon was with a boy the night both girls went missing, she says the boy and a family member dropped her off at Bewly Park around 3:30 a.m. on June 29. Before they left, she says Solomon used the boy’s phone to call Cross to ask her to pick her up.

The boy and his family member have fully cooperated with police and is not a suspect, according to Harrison.

Harrison says Cross then packed a bag and left a note that read:

“I love you so very much mama with all my heart I’m going to go find Emilee and make things right again.”

The family says they are not sure the girls are together, since the last they heard from Cross she was only going to look for Solomon.

No one has seen either girl since that night, but Harrison says Cross reached out to a friend on Snap Chat late the following night saying “call me, its an emergency”. By the time the friend woke up and tried to respond, Harrison says they had been blocked from Cross’ Snap Chat.

Her only other communication has been the “help” post made early Monday morning also on Snapchat.

“This is not like Aysha’s character she’s never done anything like this before, she’s not a bad kid. She’s a big light in our family she’s our pretty little princess,” Harrison explained.

“I just want her to know that I love her very very much and so does her mom. We really want her to call her mom”

In hopes that Cross would see her interview with KWTX, Harrison said, “We want her to know that she’s not in any trouble and that we just want her home. I have a 2 year old that Aysha loves very much her name is Delila and I do want Aysha to know that Lila keeps asking for her and if she needs a reason to come home I really hope it can be the 2 year old that does not understand why she’s not home.”

Police are reminding the public that harboring is a crime. Anyone with information on the girls whereabouts should call McGregor Police.

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