Sister steps up to keep Hustlin’ For Jesus camp going

Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 10:18 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - It is one of the most fun days of the year for kids in Goldthwaite - the annual Hustlin’ for Jesus camp.

Hustlin’ for Jesus is free day camp that involves basketball drills and games, with short breaks where the groups huddle up to talk about the gospel.

It was started a few years ago by Taylor Rountree, but after she graduated and left for Texas A&M, it was up to her little sister, Logyn, to step up and keep the camp alive.

Logyn was one of the volunteers at the camp last year, so she knew firsthand how special it was, and she was determined to make sure this unique opportunity lived on.

Logyn explains, “I mean, last year helping it was so much fun, and I knew it was something that we needed to have in our community for the younger kids. Once we get into high school we have FCA and stuff, but for elementary kids we don’t have anything like that. I thought it be a great opportunity for these young kids to, you know, get that experience, and then eventually get to FCA.”

The camp was inspired by Logyn and her sister’s own childhoods, where sports and Christ both played pivotal roles.

Logyn remembers, “Both of us grew up playing basketball, running track, cross country - everything. We also grew up in a Christian home, so putting those together has always been a big thing.”

Running a camp like this comes naturally to Taylor, but it isn’t necessarily Logyn’s forte. still, she stepped up and answered the call.

“Being a leader is hard for me, just ‘cause I get so nervous and anxious, but I definitely thinking having my family and friends by my side. Just helps me through everything.”

The camp was a major success. The basketball portion helps keep the kids engaged while also helping them open up more when it comes time for Bible study.

“Most of the time it’s really easy ‘cause they kind of get worn out and then they just kind of settle in. Once you start talking they really focus and answer a lot of questions. It’s really good.”

Another benefit of this free sports camp – the kids get a chance to interact with the same athletes they idolize and cheer for during the school year.

“They look up to us so much and so we’re just trying to set good examples for them and doing this. I mean they get to hang out with guys and like we’re not scary anymore like they finally get to like see like how good we are and how we love them and care for them.”

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