Safety measures laid-out as KISD prepares for return to school

A police officer stands guard as residents gather on a Killeen ISD campus to discuss safety...
A police officer stands guard as residents gather on a Killeen ISD campus to discuss safety measure for the upcoming year.(Michael Cantu KWTX)
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 9:31 PM CDT
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - Residents gathered in Killeen to participate in a public forum and get some insight into school safety once everyone returns to campus in August.

This upcoming year, there is more emphasis on making sure everyone on Killeen Independent School District campuses is prepared for anything to happen.

“I think, just because of what happened in May, there’s going to be that sense of being a little bit more on-edge,” said Ralph Disher, the KISD chief of police.

Because of the tragedy of Uvalde, many schools are keeping a sharper eye on safety.

“I hope they take away that we’ve put safety and security as the primary focus of what we want to do,” said Disher.

During Monday’s forum, KISD officials shared key safety points everyone on campuses should see when things resume in a matter of weeks.

Key points included more staff safety training, which will not include substitute teachers. Officials will also make more of a priority of making sure all necessary doors are always locked.

That was something one attendee, who was a teacher and parent, was concerned about.

“And I’m concerned about my fellow staff members... that’s what we saw in Uvalde. We saw a door that was closed and it didn’t lock,” said the attendee.

On top of that, there will be more emphasis on making sure the people on campus supposed to be there. Meaning, administrators and staff will have to be more on the lookout for any intruders.

“Because kids need to come to learn, right? That’s their main focus,” said Disher. “And it’s our responsibility to make sure that they’re safe.”

District officials also announced the launch of a new campus-wide communication app, which will go live on Aug. 1. The district also has a second safety forum, scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, inside the Eastern Hills Middle School cafeteria.

There, officials will again reiterate the expansive safety training in hopes to assure the public nothing tragic will happen on campus.

“Being in police work as long as I have, you do that same traffic stop time-after-time,” said Disher. “And it’s the one time you’re not prepared that something goes wrong.”

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