Mobile app makes contacting police easier for Robinson ISD staff

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 5:41 PM CDT
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Robinson, Texas (KWTX) - This upcoming school year, Robinson ISD is partnering with Tango Tango, a mobile app that allows school staff direct communication with school officials or even the Robinson Police Department.

“Schools typically have issues with public safety radio being able to reach in and out of the school buildings,” said Beck Mitchell, vice president with partnerships and business development for Tango Tango. “What we do is we use the existing cellular network.”

Tango Tango gives Robinson ISD staff the opportunity to communicate via radio signal at all times, even if they are out of the school district’s 30-mile radio range.

“If we were communicating on the radios and they were further than that they wouldn’t be able to hear us,” David Wrzesinski, Robinson ISD safety coordinator, said. “Now it’s like they’re in our system.”

Robinson ISD plans on giving Tango Tango to staff who typically don’t carry radios like nurses and receptionists.

“We will have our maintenance folks have access to this too,” Wrzesinski said. “If they’re driving around, they won’t just be oblivious because they’re not going to hear a PA.”

In the wake of the tragic Uvalde school shooting, Robinson ISD and Tango Tango want to make sure all are a part of making sure a tragedy never happens again.

“As we’ve seen with all of these terrible mass shootings at schools going back – the number one issue is always communications,” Mitchell said.

The school district plans on using the app on the first day of school.

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