Triple-digits continue but some cracks in the heat are showing up

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 5:43 AM CDT
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We’ve seen now 26 days in a row of triple-digit high temperatures and have jumped into the top-5 for longest streak of triple-digit temperatures. We are still forecasting at least 10 more days of triple-digit highs so it’s likely that we’ll get to the third longest triple-digit day streak of all time but there’s a chance for upper 90s to return late next week and there may be a halfway decent chance for rain too. For now, however, the late-day rain chances today are again going to be mostly confined east of I-35. Morning temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s will warm into the upper 90s and low triple-digits (likely between 99° and 103°) with a 20% chance of rain returning today too. Just like on Wednesday, today’s isolated shower chances are near 20% and will mostly all be in the Brazos Valley. Any showers that do form should be over by sunset. The forecast Friday is about the same as today too with highs ranging from around 99° to as high as 103°. Another 10% to 20% chance of rain returns east of I-35 Friday too but there could be a stray shower from North Texas that could creep into Hill, Navarro, and Bosque County too.

High pressure from the Pacific Northwest is set to slowly move back toward the Plains late this weekend and early next week so temperatures will be going back up again. Until that area of high pressure arrives, highs will stay between around 99° and 104° Saturday and Sunday. High pressure starts to exert it’s influence early next week and highs should climb to around 105° by mid-week. Here’s where the cracks in the heat are: high pressure will be strong but it’ll be entrenched more in the Central Plains. Since we’re not directly under the dome, easterly winds aloft in the atmosphere could bring us some weak disturbances from the Deep South as they ride around the ridge of high pressure. Temperatures are forecast to drop close to 100° late next week, especially on Saturday, with scattered rain chances returning. For now, our rain chances are between 10% and 20% next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but rain chances could creep up even more depending on where these disturbances are.

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