Double-digit highs *could* be coming soon

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 6:16 AM CDT
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The headline is meant to grab your attention since, of course, we’re all looking for some heat relief, but we’ll still have to get through another week (at least) of triple-digit highs before cooler temperatures and maybe some rain tries to creep in. High pressure hasn’t really been in control for the past few days which has kept temperatures a little cooler and brought us some more late-day cloud cover, but high pressure will return again next week. As the high moves in from the Pacific Northwest, we’re expecting highs to increase again next week, but the ridge will move far enough away to pull moisture into the atmosphere from the Gulf and the Southeastern U.S. All of this sounds fine and dandy but it’s going to be another hot one today with morning temperatures in the upper 70s warming steadily into the upper 90s and triple-digits. There’s two areas of showers that could impact us today. The sea breeze will again try to creep into the Brazos Valley but scattered rain in North Texas could sink southward to bring parts of Hill, Bosque, Navarro, and even McLennan County a bit of rain. Rain chances are capped at 20% and I wouldn’t bet on much rain today! Today’s forecast translates almost exactly to tomorrow with a 20% chance of late-day rain with highs near 100°.

As the aforementioned ridge of high pressure creeps close to our area from the west, we’re expecting the temperatures to warm up and the rain to move away. We really won’t see the ridge take a hold until around Tuesday of next week, but high temperatures are expected to warm from around 102° through Saturday to around 103°. Those highs will then hover between 100° and 105° through Thursday. High pressure shifts northward which means we’ll be on the south side of it. Winds on the south side of high pressure are easterly and that’ll open up the door for scattered showers and storms near the Central Gulf Coast and in the Deep South to move into Texas. If we get those showers here locally then our high temperatures will likely dip to and likely BELOW 100° next weekend. It’s summer so one day’s storms will dictate what happens the next day and so-on and so-forth. It’s a near-term forecasting challenge we’ll dive into next week, but the overall weather pattern is looking better for us in what is traditionally the hottest time of the year.

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