After the hottest July of all-time, August looks a bit cooler

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 6:03 AM CDT
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In case you missed it, July 2022 is now in the records books with the 4th highest average low temperature and is the number 1 hottest all-time based on what the average high temperature of 103.7°! Fortunately, despite what has been an exceptionally hot and dry summer so far, we have some cooler weather returning soon and we could potentially break out triple-digit day streak (which is currently the third longest such streak all-time). We’ll likely continue the triple-digit day streak today but some spots may stay just a shade below 100°. Morning temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s warm into the low-to-mid 90s for the lunch hour with highs ranging from around 98° to as high as 102°. Like we saw last week, a few isolated showers east of I-35 could move in from near the Gulf coast late in the day.

High pressure reasserts itself over the Central and Southern Plains mid-week so our highs will be going up. Highs are expected to warm area wide into the triple-digits with highs approaching 105° starting Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. High pressure should shut down most of the low-end rain chances in the Brazos Valley for a few days but it’ll shift to the north and opens the door for some more scattered rain. While the seabreeze showers are possible late this week and this weekend, east winds aloft could pull moisture and rain from the Central Gulf Coast into our area. We’re not forecasting drought busting rainfall and most spots likely stay completely rain-free. Still, the 20% chances for rain return Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Highs should remain in the upper 90s and low triple-digits with Saturday being the most likely day to break our current 30-day triple-digit high streak. Should we break that streak on Saturday (or maybe Sunday), we’ll stay at the third longest triple-digit day streak of all-time. Should we keep the streak going, we could take over the number 1 spot mid-month since the current longest 100° day streak is 44 days and we’re over two-thirds of the way there.

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