‘What would I need to take’: Volunteer group to offer class helping with emergency response

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 8:43 PM CDT
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - Preparing for the worst may be on a lot of minds, especially as wildfire activity continues.

Though Wednesday’s rain was needed, it is not enough to put Central Texans out of danger. Because emergencies could start up at a moments notice, one area volunteer group is reaching out to residents.

“It will never happen to me, why would I need to better prepared for something that may happen,” said DeShon Williams, when asked about many people’s mindsets when it comes to emergencies.

Of the many concerns about emergencies popping up, one of the more prominent right now, is wildfire danger.

And it is people like Williams, president of Belton Fire Corps, who helps teach others about what to be prepared for and how to get prepared for it.

“OK, if I did need to leave home, what would I need to take with me? What important papers would I need … Is there someone in my home that has medication that they need,” said Williams.

During her interactions with the fire corps, she said many times she finds out people do not have a plan for emergencies until there is a threat present.

“Generally when we get more questions is when we’re on scene with the fire departments and different things supporting them,” said Williams. “(People) tend to go into panic mode to deal with whatever is happening.”

Now, the fire corps is set to offer a new multi-week class, starting in September, to teach area residents what to do during any type of disaster.

“It’s important to think about these things, actually, before they happen,” said Williams. “We call it during the blue skies.”

But even with out the class, if you reached out and asked she would be happy to offer a few tips.

“But they’re actually fairly easy when you actually sit down and think about all of them,” said Williams.

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