‘Seeing the smiles is my favorite thing’: The Robinson Family Farm is kicking off the fall season in their new location

The family owned farm has fun for the entire family with lots of new additions and attractions
Published: Sep. 17, 2022 at 3:14 PM CDT
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - The Robinson Family Farm is kicking off the fall season with fun for the whole family.

Now in a new, larger location, their annual fall fest starts Saturday, Sept. 17.

Months of work went into preparing for Saturday’s grand reopening at the Robinson Family Farm in Temple.

For Helen Robinson, this time of year is more than pumpkin patches and photo ops.

She says the months of hard work all pay off when fall fest rolls around and they open the gates to the public.

“It’s overwhelming and it’s very humbling to see something you’ve worked so hard for be enjoyed by others. That’s my favorite experience,” said Helen Robinson.

The family started disassembling their old farm in January and began on the new farm shortly after, in February.

For the Robinsons, an off day wasn’t an option.

For almost eight months, the family visited the farm daily, adding to and completing attractions.

According to the Robinsons two sons, it was, “definitely a learning experience. There were many challenges along the way. I think the most important thing is just having a good time and making others laugh and smile,” said Jonathon Robinson.

The farm is now fit with a larger pumpkin patch and a new wine and biergarten among other new eye-catching attractions.

Despite being in a new location, the Robinson family isn’t resetting the clock, hoping people will continue the traditions they made at their old farm.

“We’re on season nine, year nine. It’s definitely a transition but I think we’re going to stick with year nine so everyone understands that their traditions are still here.”

Fall fest runs Sept. 17 through Oct. 30.

When buying a ticket, you don’t have to specify a day to visit.

Buying a ticket gives you the ability to visit the farm any day during the fest.

Buy your tickets here.