Pet lover makes animal rescue her life’s mission

This week's Be Remarkable takes us to Marlin, where a pet lover has made animal rescue her life's mission - and she's making a huge difference doing it.
Updated: Sep. 19, 2022 at 6:30 PM CDT
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MARLIN, Texas - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us to Marlin, where a pet lover has made animal rescue her life’s mission - and she’s making a huge difference doing it.

“Since of August of 2019, I’ve rescued over 300 dogs and cats.”

If all dogs go to heaven, Pennie Stone-Bishop is surely a saint and she answers pet prayers around the clock.

“I get calls every day, seven days a week,” Pennie Stone-Bishop

“She’s just not the dog’s hero, she’s mine.” Lisa Buttrum nominated Pennie for the Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers KWTX Be Remarkable Award and feels the recognition is long overdue.

“She’s an unsung hero, every time I see a loose dog, I let her know about it,” Lisa Buttrum, nominator.

Pennie is a foot soldier, doing God’s work, for animals who don’t get a say in their future - but she’s had some help rescuing animals from the streets of Falls County.

She’s connected with several different animal rescue agencies in Central Texas to make these life-saving missions possible but it all starts with her servant’s heart.

“You end up keeping the overnight?” Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

“Sometimes I’ll foster them, that’s one of the problems we have in the rescue world, most people don’t want to foster, if somebody would just take one.”

Pennie needs fosters, dog food, help with animal vet bills and more . And she’s proven herself available to make the help happen at any time - like today.

“I thought she was just offering me dog food or something. I said can’t I come by your house, she said it’s no more than that, you’ve got to come into town.”

Pennie is all business when it comes to saving cats and dogs, but flashes a huge smile when she talks about finding them a home.

“You can just see them, like when you get them and they’re all scared and everything else and you get them to somebody and then you start getting pictures from people and they’re happy - they just change- because they’ve been abused and everything else.”

And you can guess where her $500 check from Daniel Stark is going...

“It’ll go toward dog food and vet bills.”

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