Central Texas junior entrepreneurs will pitch their small business in a competition to win a $1,000 award

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 7:52 AM CDT
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - Two Central Texas junior entrepreneurs under the age of 10 will pitch their small businesses to a panel of women business owners for a chance to win a $1,000 award.

The Governor’s Commission for Women, Lemonade Day and the Beacon State Fund partnered together to award one junior entrepreneur in each part of the region to help them expand their business.

Mia Grantham, 8, and Savannah Fulton, 5, are the two young girls selected from the entire Central Texas region.

Mia opened her business, Mia’s Lemonade, in Killeen when she was only four years old. She said she was born to do this.

“Well, I’m a businesswoman,” Mia said.

She has always been a saleswoman at heart, and she loves making lemonade. So, she created Mia’s Lemonade to live out her passions. Mia usually sets up at different businesses, events or even in front of her house whenever she gets a chance.

“Whenever she gets the ‘lemonade itch,’” Nichole Grantham, Mia’s mom said.

Mia makes her own lemonade in many different flavors. She has participated in many Lemonade Day’s in the area, but she is hoping to win over the panel of women business owners today to take home the $1,000 reward so that she can invest in her entire future.

”I would put most of it in my college funds, and then I would use the rest to celebrate,” Mia said. “This Is basically my whole career. It gives me a head start on my business because I kind of want to open up a drink shop when I grow up.”

That drink shop she hopes to open one day would feature her frozen lemonade and bubble tea.

Savannah Fulton, who is also competing today, will pitch her Savannah’s Snack Shop located in Manor, TX, a small city outside of Austin.

Savannah is only 5, but she started preparing for her business about two years ago.

“She showed interest when she was around three,” Charlotte Fulton, Savannah’s mom, said. “I’ve had a printing business for a few years now, so she kind of wanted to make bowls and stuff like that.”

Savannah opens her snack shop every weekend to meet the demands of her customers. She is known for her many flavors of lemonade and pickles, but, she also sells many snacks.

Charlotte said she hopes the reward will help revamp Savannah’s business.

“We were talking about repainting her truck professionally because we painted it ourselves, me and her brothers,” she said. “It was with love, but it could use some real paint.”

However, Savannah has some other plans for the money. She would like to use it to buy more snacks for her business.

In addition to the award money, Savannah hopes she will be an inspiration to young entrepreneurs like her.

“She told me that, even when it gets hard, to never give up,” Charlotte said. “She was like, ‘just keep pushing.’”

The two Central Texas entrepreneurs will pitch their businesses after the Governor’s Commission for Women’s webinar at 11:30 a.m. and a round of pitches from adult-women business owners who are competing in the Central Texas Women-Owned Small Business Pitch Competition. Savannah and Mia will then pitch their businesses live virtually to a panel that will select a winner today.