‘We’re fighting some evil people’: Republican based “secure the border, stop human trafficking” rally aims to discuss border issues between Texas and Mexico

Governor Abbott has sent more than 5,200 people to other cities in the US, like Washington DC and Chicago
The sign reads, "Dems in control, Border out of control."
The sign reads, "Dems in control, Border out of control."(KWTX)
Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 4:35 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Stop the invasion, secure our borders was put on today by the McLennan County Republican Party and McLennan County Republican Women.

Recently, Governor Abbott has sent busloads of migrants to northern states.

Most recently, Abbott sent two buses of immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington DC.

Compared to other border states, Texas shares the longest running border with Mexico, leaving many immigrants to find themselves in Texas when they cross illegally.

“The biggest thing is just looking at the correlation of what’s happening at the border and how that’s affecting human trafficking throughout the United States. How we have such a domestic problem as it is. We need to focus on our domestic trafficking not our international trafficking and that’s just taking up so much of that time,” said Joseph Scaramucci, detective with the McLennan County Sherrif’s Office.

Detective Scaramucci is a top trafficking deputy and is responsible for the incarceration of hundreds of people looking to take part in the illegal activity.

McLennan County’s Republican Women were also in attendance to highlight the importance this has over our community.

The republican women group made it known that I-35 gives those immigrants a direct route to Waco; Something they say can be avoided if acted on properly.

“We’re walking for candidates. We’re block walking for Governor Abbott who’s doing a wonderful job with the border. At least calling attention in the north to what’s happening in the south because they want to shut their eyes,” said Patty Castillo, President of the McLennan County Republican Women group.

For McLennan Democratic Party Chair, Mark Hays, the system needs an overhaul from the top down.

Reexamine how we as a country handle immigrants and how we place them can lead to a decrease in the number of people left with no choice but to immigrate illegally.

“You’re not going to solve this problem by building a wall. You’re not going to solve this problem by making people anguish in camps for months or years. You’re not going to solve it by taking away children from their families,” said Hays.

The last day to register for Nov. elections is Oct. 8.

Registering is free and only your driver’s license or ID are required.

The democratic party will host their get out the vote party on Sunday, Sept. 25 from 5-8 p.m. at 1902 Austin Avenue, Waco.

State and local candidates, including Texas House candidates, State Board of Education candidates, will be there to meet and listen to citizens’ concerns.

Voter registration and information about how to vote will be available.

Those interested in becoming election Judges and clerks can learn about those positions.

There will also be opportunities to volunteer to serve as a Poll Watchers or volunteer to call voters, go door to door, distribute signs and more.