Baylor professor shares research behind National Daughter’s Day, Waco daughter reflects on her duty as a daughter

Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 12:29 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Baylor University assistant professor shares her research and new podcast about the role of ‘daughtering’ to shed light on this overlooked relationship and holiday--National Daughter’s Day.

“Daughter’s Day is about giving our daughter recognition for the work that they do to make our relationship successful,” Baylor clinical assistant professor, Allison Alford, said.

It’s an innate and societal role that women take on to continue the relationship with their parents and take on the burdens of caring for them when they get older.

“Daughters do what we do because of expectations from our parents, from our society, from the cultural applications that are around us,” Alford said. “Sometimes, we do these things out of obligations, but a lot of times we do these things out of love because we want to.”

CaCean Ballou is one daughter who took on the responsibilities of an intentional relationship with her parents, Classie and Mary Mildred Ballou.

“The Bible says honor thy mother and thy father, and I stuck true to that,” she said.

Classie, her dad, was a well-known blues performer in the area.

“He’s played with Ike and Tina Turner...he’s opened up for like, Redd Foxx,” CaCean said. “I mean, there’s so many.”

She was close to her dad and looked up to him her entire life.

“His style was incredible,” CaCean said.

She also looked up to her mom, who was an involved educator for many years in Waco.

“We found out...towards the end, she was like, ‘you too much like me,’” she said. “We were both the same.”

CaCean played on stage alongside her dad throughout her life. Unfortunately, her parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago.

“I had to feed her; I had to give her her medicine,” she said. “It was a sacrifice, but I did it.”

Her mom passed away in 2020, and her dad passed away in July. She said, while the time taking care of them was tough, she does not regret the time she spent with them in their final moments.

“I would want that time back, which I know I can’t get it back, but it’s hurtful,” CaCean said.

However, CaCean does continue to carry on her dad’s legacy by performing in a band in his honor.

“I’m going to try my best...but it hurts because I don’t see him out there,” she said.

Whether daughters take on a huge burden to take care of their parents or not, Alford wants to help all daughters feel appreciated.

“You are enough, you are doing enough and you need to give yourself a pat on the back for what you are doing, and you also need to give yourself a break if you can’t do any more than that right now,” she said.

Her new podcast, “Hello Mother, Hello Daughter” will discuss different types of relationships as well as give tips on how to improve those relationships. She released the first episode Sunday, and it is available on all platforms.