Concession stand proceeds from McGregor football game raise nearly $8K for families of victims

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 6:53 PM CDT
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McGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) - The concession stand proceeds, plus generous donations at the Friday night football game between McGregor and Troy, which took place hours after a tragic shooting left five people dead, including two McGregor High School students, amounted to nearly $8,000 for the victims’ families.

One Troy fan even paid more than $300 for a Frito pie when he learned the money raised would be given to the families of Monica Delgado Aviles, 38, and two of her children: 15-year-old Miguel Avila and 14-year-old Natalie Avila. The proceeds also helped the families of the alleged shooter’s slain next-door neighbors, Lori Aviles, 47, a local respiratory therapist assistant, and her daughter, two-time Miss McGregor, Natalie Aviles, 20.

Fans spared no expense, including the Troy fan who overpaid for the Frito pie. “We even had one guy who bought a single Frito pie and then charged his card an additional 300 dollars,” said McGregor Athletic Club Booster President Peyton Fisk.

The proceeds from the McGregor concession stands are usually split between the McGregor Athletic Booster Club and the McGregor Youth Athletes, but the groups decided to instead donate the proceeds to the devastated families.

“We were approached by the president of the McGregor Young Athletes board, Mr. Joel Chandler, him and his wife are also affiliated with the McGregor Athletic Booster Club, and they wanted to do something really nice for the families who lost so much Thursday, and their idea was to donate the proceeds from the concession stand at last Friday’s ballgame to those families,” Fisk said.  “The McGregor Athletic Booster Club agreed that this needed to be done.”

When word got out about the concession proceeds going to help the victims’ families, Fisk said everyone wanted to help.

Local businesses even called to anonymously cover the cost of all the food and drink sold that night so that every penny could be donated.

“After this kind gesture kind of broke free on Facebook we had businesses that came to us and said ‘whatever you need, we want to help.’ So, they donated some money and covered the costs of the goods we were selling at the concessions stands,” Fisk said.

Fisk said McGregor fans gave not only by purchasing food but by leaving money in the donation jars at the concession windows.   Troy fans did the same after their booster club president told them what was happening.

“He was able to get the word out to the Troy community of what was taking place at the concession stands that evening,” Fisk said. “He asked that they not eat prior to coming to the game.”

$3,440 was donated to each family.

The checks were written and deposited Tuesday into their accounts set up at TFNB in McGregor.